Therapy Squared: Therapy for Therapists

If you’ve been a therapist for even a little while, you know this work is not easy

We hold a lot of difficult emotions, memories, experiences and situations for our clients. We absorb it, process it, help sort through it, and then are told we should try to leave it at the office. 

Not as easily done as they suggest it should be. When we hold space for our clients’ difficulties, sometimes – lots of times – our clients’ difficulties shine a big, bright light on our own, unresolved challenges. We might find our “own stuff” gets in the way of our work with our clients.  At the very least the work we still have to do often makes itself known in our personal lives outside the therapy room.  Sometimes life circumstances can make it necessary to re-visit some of our previous personal therapy work.

Being able to help you work through your own issues so they don’t interfere in your therapy work is what you’d expect from a therapist for therapists. 

Being able to connect the dots so you understand how your work with clients might be showing up in your personal life would be another aspect of what you would expect from a therapist’s therapist.

In addition to all that, you want to work with a therapist whose experience you can draw from. 

You’d like someone who can almost provide a bit of supervision along the way – not telling you what to do, but someone who can deeply understand you as a person and understand how that will interact in your professional work and vice versa. My support becomes informed by what I know about you as a person and what I know about your personal background.

In therapy, I hold space for you to take an in-depth look at what has come up for you in your work and your life while also offering some professional guidance from someone who has been there before. I have almost 3 decades of experience in a number of different clinical settings (university counseling centers, community mental health centers, hospitals, private practice). My private pay telehealth therapy practice has been a success since well before COVID forced everyone into the telehealth world. I was trained as a long-term psychodynamic therapist, but have broadened my skills by adding ACT and EFT training.

Additionally, I have years of experience supervising and training developing therapists and have been told that my approach to supervision often helps young therapists integrate the personal and professional. I bring all this knowledge to bear on my work with you as I create a space where you can safely explore your self and your work with your clients.

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Sessions are available on your laptop, mobile device or home/office computer, as long as you have internet and video capability.

If you have been putting off getting connected to a therapist because your problems don’t feel “serious enough,” know that you are worth the time and effort and it would be my privilege to join you in the process.

Your first appointment will be a completely free initial consultation. That gives us both a chance to get to know each other, gives me a chance to start to understand the challenges you’re facing, and together we’ll make a determination as to whether we should work together.