Gender Identity Therapy

For a long time, you’ve tried to ignore your imposter feelings, to see yourself as normal and to fit in with conventional standards

But you’re starting to understand that you don’t just have a different style or a different outlook, you’re a different person. You know that society is becoming more and more tolerant, but you’re still afraid to think about what questioning your gender might mean for the way you experience your life.

You’re ready to explore your discomfort with someone who truly understands gender identity

You never quite understood the reason you didn’t fit in

You’d been told all your life that people came in different shapes, sizes, and colors and that none was better than the other. So, it felt like you were just waiting for the pieces of your identity to fall into place. It seemed that if you just gave it enough time you’d start to figure out who you were and where you belonged.

But, now that you’re recognizing your insecurity isn’t just temporary, your world is starting to shift. Everything you trusted about yourself and your truth has changed. You’ve lost your sense of self-assuredness and you’re beginning to question if the way you were born doesn’t exactly match up to who you truly are.

You’re tired of pretending and denying who you are. You’ve tried ignoring your gender dysphoria and going through the motions of an inauthentic life.

But you just can’t ignore your unhappiness anymore

When You Seek Help with Gender Identity from Dr. Carol O’Saben:

More About Dr. Carol O’Saben

As a Licensed Psychologist with over 30 years of experience, and almost 20 years working clinically with transgender individuals, I have seen how living a closeted life contributes to self-judgment and self-doubt. As a down-to-earth, honest, and compassionate therapist, my job is to help you understand how trying to fit in or ignore your gender identity questions negatively impacts your life. Therapy with me is about diving deep and taking ownership of the role you play in your life, so you can identify opportunities for long-lasting change. I wholeheartedly believe that lasting change comes from insight and knowing yourself. You just need the guidance and expertise of a professional to help you create positive experiences for yourself.

I am a lesbian-identified therapist and I make it my mission to help those in the LGBTQ community come to a deeper understanding of themselves, so they can feel comfortable owning their identity. I am dedicated to establishing a real, supportive relationship with you through your process of self-discovery, and to helping you know your value and worth. It is my passion to work with you as you create the life you deserve.

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If you have been putting off getting connected to a therapist because your problems don’t feel “serious enough,” know that you are worth the time and effort and it would be my privilege to join you in the process.