Nervous about Starting Therapy? Read This!

The other day I responded to a reporter who wanted mental health professionals to offer words of encouragement for people who might be thinking about starting therapy, but having a hard time getting started.  I responded and was quoted in the article that got published online.  There are some real pearls of wisdom in the article, like:




“Seeking therapy is a sign of strength and courage.”


“Therapy is truly one of the best gifts we can give ourselves.”

And, my personal favorite:

“Therapists work with all kinds of people, with all kinds of concerns. We don’t compare one client’s concerns to another; we work to help each individual client make the changes they feel they need to make to improve their own lives.” (that’s mine!)

There’s a lot of other good information in this article.  If you are nervous about starting therapy, read this article!

And if you are ready to get started, shoot me a message, and let’s talk about it!