Five Reasons Online Video Therapy is the Perfect Fit for Busy Professionals

You are busy.  Maybe you are new to your position and you are working hard to prove yourself to your boss and finding your place in the organizational hierarchy.  Getting ahead is important to you so you often think to yourself “who has time for ‘self-care’?”  (And what the hell is that, anyway?). 

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Maybe you’ve been able to make the time to hit the gym a few times a week, but that doesn’t seem to be helping you manage those thoughts and feelings that keep tugging at you.  Unfortunately, some of the challenges you’ve been having lately seem uncomfortably familiar.  You find yourself struggling with the same self-doubts, weird relationship interactions and hearing the same constructive (negative?) feedback you’ve heard before.  Why doesn’t anything you do to try to fix these difficulties seem to be working?  At times you feel really frustrated that nothing has changed and you feel yourself starting to withdraw a little.  You’ve been asking yourself, “What is wrong with me?”

You realize you are struggling emotionally but you don’t know where to get the support you need.  You know you shouldn’t rely on your BFF or your SO, but who else is there?  And everyone else seems to have their stuff managed, why can’t you get it together?

You know having a therapist you could confide in might be helpful (you saw that one woman when you were in college, and you saw results), but you can’t take time off to get to and from a therapist’s office every week.  Plus, you don’t really want anyone to know where you are going.  You are comfortable in an online environment and you’ve been hearing something about online therapy but want to know if it really works and if it’s worth it.

The truth is, you can get the professional support you need without having to lose time at work or in relationships and you don’t have to spend time sending emails and text messages to someone you’ve never met.  You can use today’s videoconferencing technology to see a real therapist who can help you sort through the questions in your head and the challenges you are facing at work and in your relationships.  A therapist who will provide the support you are looking for.  

Keep reading to see five reasons online video therapy is the perfect fit for a busy young professional like yourself.

Without Therapy our Problems Just Seem to get Bigger and We Keep Feeling Frustrated and Misunderstood

As a young professional, you know how important it is to prove yourself in your first “real” position.  You know that this position can have a real impact on how your career moves forward and you are committed to doing a great job.  Unfortunately, you are worried that some of the difficulties you have struggled with through the years are going to have a negative impact on others’ impressions of you and, ultimately, your success in this position.  

Without support and a place to help you finally face those recurring challenges that cause you to stumble, it is likely that your emotional struggles will become evident at work, despite your efforts to keep that from happening.  Perhaps you find yourself easily annoyed, struggle to feel motivated, feel overworked and underappreciated.  Others might begin to notice your negative attitude, regardless of how hard you try to keep it to yourself.  You might even find that you are taking your struggles at work home with you and now they are leading to conflict between you and your significant other.  You can use therapy to prevent your emotional struggles from becoming a thing at the office or interfering in your relationships and leisure time.

With Therapy, You Will Start to See Lasting Changes

Once you incorporate therapy into your weekly routine you will start to see a decrease in your levels of frustration in both your personal and professional life.  You will come to an understanding of these patterns that have repeated themselves over and over in your life and identify choices you can make to bring significant and meaningful change.  You will feel less frustrated, less irritable, less depressed, more motivated, encouraged and excited about the opportunities ahead.  You will have energy and enthusiasm to engage in fun activities, enjoy lunch breaks with your co-workers, have productive chats with your boss.  You will find you have more time and interest in activities outside of work, too, because your emotional energy will not be needed to manage yourself at work.  Therapy can help you to finally make those changes you’ve been trying to make for years, and that will have lasting rewards personally and professionally.

Here’s Why Online Video Therapy Is Perfect for You

Right now, you might be feeling frustrated and confused, and maybe even a little hopeless, about how you can change your behaviors so you can see improved emotional connections at work and at home.  And you’ve probably heard contradictory information about the validity or helpfulness of “online therapy.”  Take a look at the five reasons online video therapy might be the perfect solution for your busy life:

  1. Convenience.  Log in from wherever you are (Starbucks parking lot, lunch hour in your office or a park), with whatever device you have (phone, laptop, iPad).  Have a video session with your therapist, log out and go back to your day.  I recently had a session with a client who was still in bed!
  1. Time (and Resource) Savings.  No need to use vacation hours or sick leave to come to therapy (30 minutes to drive there, 60 minutes for the session, 30 minutes to reflect on your session and begin to integrate what you are learning, 30 minutes to drive back). In my practice clients can see me on their lunch break or as part of their commute to and from work.
  1. Privacy.  No one has to know.  When you use your lunch hour or your commute to or from work, you’re not “missing” for a significant chunk of time. Clients who work with me say that they feel more comfortable because they aren’t seen parking or walking into a therapist’s office and they don’t have to seek permission from their boss to attend to personal matters.
  1. Face-to-Face.  You are with your therapist, looking at them, in real-time throughout the video session.  When young professionals work with me they have emotional reactions and develop insights just like they would if they were sitting in the room with me.  I often start my sessions by reminding clients to have their tissues ready. My clients tell me video sessions feel no different to them than do in-office sessions, except they are easier to access.  My clients also make progress in the same fashion, except fewer things prevent them from attending sessions.
  1. Emotional Release.  Therapy helps you identify problematic behaviors before they become excessive in the workplace. When you schedule an online video session with me you will see how therapy can help you develop insight, experience emotional release of feelings you didn’t even realize you had, and how much of an improvement this will have on your work and relationships.  

It might seem impossible to squeeze one more thing into your busy schedule. But self care really is critical to success both at work and in our personal lives. Online video therapy is the perfect solution for busy professionals who want to keep their private life private and save time and energy but still access a real live professional who can help them gain perspective on their life.  

Contact me for a free phone consult to see if online video therapy is a good fit for you.  I have evening and weekend appointments available to fit your busy schedule.